Release your potentials with the first autonomous learning system and individual search engine in the world

an evolution of human brain

“Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history.”


Your individual search engine

Have you ever dreamed of having a tool that could help you to locate your interested information, knowledge, idea, creation without spending the time to run antiquated search, or read the unordered, long web page one by one?


For thousands of year, everyone of us has to spend a large amount of our lifetime to learn existing knowledge and experience from our ancestors because there is no other choice, but now it is different...

Personal Data Center

Traditional database does not emphasize machine learning, decentralization, readability, and sharing. BrainAtom Data Center provides a data center with utterly new architecture for personal use by offering high efficiency, readability, intuitive management, machine learning oriented design, and close link with application.


AI and machine learning are exerting their man-made capabilities to accomplish what is impossible. The world is changing to a new stage. Will you choose to embrace the opportunity and upgrade yourself?

With our new heterogeneous system and decentralized products, there are loads of new ways to change the style and mode of life . Once they come to your side, the daily work will not be limited to a small dimension as today we use the general, banal software products like a robot.

Every step you took in using the  AI software would be a fun game of the theme park where there are always so many surprise. The impact of your creation could be easily expanded to  help massive people around the world.