Release your brain potentials with our intelligence assistant

an evolution of human brain

“Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history.”



The individual search engine

Have you ever dreamed of having a tool that belongs to you to locate all the knowledge your learned and discoveries you identified in the life journey?


For thousands of year, everyone of us has to spend a large amount of our lifetime to learn existing knowledge and experience from our ancestors because there is no other choice, but now it is different...

new way
new life

AI and machine learning are exerting their man-made capabilities to accomplish what is impossible. The world is changing to a new stage. Will you choose to embrace the opportunity and upgrade yourself?

Upcoming & destination

With our new heterogeneous system and decentralized products, there are loads of new ways of life we could offer. Once they come to your side, your daily work will not be limited to a small dimension as today in using the general products.

Every step you took in the the daily life is a fun game that could be enlarged to impact massive peopel around the corners of the globe.