Release your potentials with the first autonomous learning system and individual search engine in the world

an evolution of human brain

“Success in creating AI would be the biggest event in human history.”


Your individual search engine

Have you ever dreamed of having a thoughtful assistant that could help you precisely locate your interested information, knowledge, idea, creation in realtime? Do you get tired of spending large amount of your time in immersing in those diversified, unordered, tedious web pages from traditional search engines with an impassive, uncustomized, chilly interaction?


For thousands of years, everyone of us has to consume most of our resources to learn existing knowledge system and experience from our ancestors before it is feasible to make new because there is direct link between our brains. But now it is different: you could master the essential idea as well as the detailed sections of a book just in several hours by using our autonomous learning system ...

Personal Data Center

Traditional database does not consider machine learning, decentralization, readability, accessibility, and sharing as the primary design factors. BrainAtom Data Center provides a data management software with utterly new architecture for your daily use by offering services with outstanding efficiency, high readability, intuitive accessing, futuristic visualization. It is one coner of our iron triangle in helping the end user.


Information is the new currency of 21century. AI and machine learning are exerting their man-made capabilities to elevate us into a new dimension and access the new currency via 360-degree perception. Being in this dimension a common people could accomplish what is impossible by releasing the full power of the brain. The world is stepping into a new stage, will you choose to embrace the opportunity and upgrade yourself?

With our new heterogeneous system and decentralized products, there are loads of new ways to change the style and mode of life . Once they approach, the daily work will not be limited to a small number of choices as today we have.

Every step you take in using the AI software would be a fun game of the theme park where there are always so many surprise ahead. You feel the strong force running through your head since your brain could transfer most of focus to the creation division in nerve cells. Your impact could easily be expanded to a revolutionary level in helping massive people around the world.