Switch Your Vision Into Creative Mode by Saving Your Effort In The Stage Of Learning Through Our Autonomous Learning System

Suppose you have a contract to sign, which includes thousands of pages and tens of legal documents behind, how would you like to do with it without ignoring key details?

A more common case in life, you want to take a travel in a new country where you have no experience at all. From flight, hotel, landmark to traffic, food, shopping, you need a plan for your trip. But the question is, you don’t want to read the travel notes of other people because it is too lengthy and complex for you. Again, how would you like to do?

The answer is simple: using general-purpose autonomous learner of BrainAtom to help you build your searching data from those documents in short time, then you could use BrainAtom search engine to locate any details inside by keywords.

For most information segments of your focus(named as message), we leverage our machine learning algorithm to automatically understand the essential meaning of related paragraph, making it owe the extractive and abstract summary. With that, you could locate your information by using the keywords summarized from BrainAtom Search Engine. This means anything could be automatically learned anytime, anywhere as long as the ‘Brain’ is working for you to eliminate the repeated processing in understanding new information.

Natural Language Processing

Unsupervised Learning

Convolutional Neural Network

Semantic analysis


information theory

A general-purpose brain
Unlock your full potential

We creates language model to understand unlabeled data even there are so many variations in in the digestion procedure of understanding the language and information paragraphs. No matter how difficult this task is, we are motivated to discover the secret algorithm hidden inside the brain because that would be the remarkable evolution in human history.

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