Who We Are?

Our Mission

BrainAtom is a software company that uses machine learning and deep neural network to help individuals around the world to build up their own search engine and knowledge graph center which is backed by our autonomous learning system.

We are trying to assist people to reach information faster, easier with continuously accumulated sense of achievement.  So you could have more time to leisurely enjoy life and create your own world.

The demand of facing new challenge brought by the qualitative leap in AI is rapidly increasing. How to step into the new era might be a big question for most people. Gearing with your intelligence assistant designed by BrainAtom helps you to upgrade your brain and daily life to a new dimension.

Extraordinary Experiences

In the high speed of technique development of today, do you feel something is missing even when you are using phone, computer everyday?

Imagine: when you go to sleep at night, you give a book or a web page for your assistant, and the next day morning when you wake up, you know most of the important thing there. Everything is searchable like …

If that is what you want, then come to join our community, you don’t have to bore yourself with antiquated life style, fun and creation will be the keywords.

Our Core Values

We believe in there is huge energy embedded in human brain which need to be unlocked in correct way, that is why we go with: