New Release!

Today, we have a great news to announce: our android client is now open for all android phones with os 8.0 or higher.

The app includes a general-purpose autonomous learning robot who will be helping you master most human information in a file(currently pdf format) or in a web page(next release). So you do not have to spend days, months, years to dive deep into tedious learning procedure. Using it, you could have the knowledge of becoming a scientist, engineer, doctor, teacher, lawyer in unbelievable short time. You could use it in any scenarios you like, like travel planning, making food. Imagination is the only limitation.

Once your robot has learned all the information in the file or web page, our individual search engine will be there to help you locate whatever you want to know inside the target. Unlike traditional search engine, It is highly customized search engine designed to save your time in searching procedure. More important is, we create a context-aware algorithm to make the search like a human brain. And you could have the search results in prioritized manner based on matching degree to your search keywords, not on the way of big tech. 

google Play store
  • Version: 16.0

5 Continents, 176 Countries

  • APK Version: 1.15
  • Required Version: 8.0+



  • Version: 1.15
  • Required Android Version: 8.0




Why BrainAtom?

Highly customized for you

Information is organized to support your future

Abundant time saved in searching

Grow you expertise in exponential speed

Master massive information in short time

Have the currency of new century

"I finally find a way to have an AI assistant which is so intimate with me. The robot could master the detailed information needed in my work even when I am in sleep. No concern about my future from now on"
Tormas Dresla