Unlock your brain

You may have heard about the biggest secret in human brain: only a small portion of the total capacity is used in the lifetime of 99.9% people. That means our brains are somehow locked. The first locker we found may be formed by the lacking of  one or multiple high efficient channels in data retrieving procedure between the consciousness and hidden “database” inside the brain. The “CPU” is prevented from being multiplexed and optimized to decentralize the processing tasks to the underlying cells at ground level, that is terminal of nerve, for unknown reasons. This is where we starts to unlock ……

Individual Search Engine

Unlike other search engines you ever used, BrainAtom search engine is customized by yourself and providing your interested information in abstract and extractive way. You could search with large number of keywords to locate the message by prioritizing the relevance to your search words and sorting over them without compromise between speed and capacity of processor. At the beginning the use of our searching engine does not take much difference as existing ones, once you enter into it, you will find it make you feel much convenient for the preciseness of the message and the saved time without reading long paragraph repeatedly. All these are just a start …


Autonomous learning of BrainAtom is built on supervised and unsupervised machine learning with deep neural network to enable user has least participation in the classification procedure, this makes the product ‘think’ like a human in both extractive and abstract way. The whole ‘thinking’ procedure includes sophisticated design and unique algorithm of natural language processing. Unlike autonomous driving, the system is not designed for a specific area, it is designed to most well-known areas, like computer, travel, exercise, science, etc. As the core of BrainAtom, it has made it possible for anyone to learn existing knowledge, information even when in the night. Does this sounds familiar to you? yes, like the matrix.

Personal data center

Decentralized system using machine learning is an extremely challenge for computing task, not to mention personal computer and your mobile CPU. To solve the problem of such and reduce the time delay, we designed a fresh new database and data center using heterogeneous components by absorbing the essential philosophy in network system and scheduling architecture. This provides highly customizable data center for you as the vim and Swiss army knife. Speed, scalability, flexibility, inheritance are the four corner stones in the our design principles.