Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How to start using?

At the start, the data center does not contain any data which make your individual search engine have nothing to search and your autonomous learning have nothing to learn. You could use the Mindnote inside our package to collect what you are interested. Once you have enough ideas to be digested into your data center, you could use the autonomous learning to learn and digest those information in batch. Once they have been digested, your search engine will have the section information to search for.

How to change my data when I feel some classification and name are inaccurate ?

This could be managed by your personal data center which provides many operations you could tinker with. You could create, delete, rename, and merge one or a group of section(s) to make your data in more logic way. So your personal data is ready to expand for more information and knowledge.

What do I need to know before I get started?

We have tried our best to shorten the distance between you and technical terms. You only need to know a few things before starting use, like: domain, root, classification, section, message, learn, digest. Those terms will be detailed in the manual. We will make some videos to introduce how to use each of our software.

How to use autonomous learning system?

The autonomous learning system help you to classify your information and summarize them in abstract and extractive ways. First you could select the items in your data collectors, then click the button ‘learn selection’ to trigger the autonomous learning process which will automatically create the classification and keywords for your information. If you feel the outcome has some mismatching to what you want, you could change any of the two. After that, you select the items again and press the digest button, those information will be digested into your data center to provide keyword oriented search from your search engine. If there is anything wrong in the procedure, your could always roll back to previous state.

How to view my data ?

Your data is stored in your data center. At the bottom of autonomous learning, you could click domain, root, classification to visualize your data in 3D mode. If you want to maintain your data, the data center provides method to manage it in heuristic way.