Your individual search engine helps you precisely locate what you want from the information ocean with as little manual effort as possible

Full context awareness

New generation of search engine should have the capability to think, using a sophisticated mechanism to understand the context, and pilot to the correct directions. It is not only related to searching for some keywords, but also the abstract class it belongs. 

With extended the special ‘thinking’ capability, BrainAtom search engine could narrow down the results to limited paragraphs.

Your energy should be saved in the whole repetitive procedure for more valuable business. Increase your productivity X times is our first priority.

Customize your search by yourself, not by others

The outcome you see from the search engine should be highly customized by yourself, not by company or concerned third parties. The relevance of each item you see should be based on the matching degree of relevance to your search keywords and the priority you defined for them by your subconsciousness.

Search results should not only be sorted in the part of the searching result, but across all results, even when they are massive.

Have you been bothered by the manual work you have to do when use the traditional search engine? Reading each page line by line to look for the real one which could solve your problem. In case your question is not asked so often, your have to go through each link and do the boring work on all of them until you finally solve a small issue in your work. But, there are dozens of issues ahead …..

To steer clear of that,  rendered by our machine learning products, your search outcome will be sorted in matching degree without bias which could bring clear guiding in locating the message. You could easily find the most probable one in short time, that is our strength even the number of candidates is high.

No limitation on your keywords from now on

Any object has many sides no matter it is regular or irregular. This means our searching needs is sophisticated and should be represented by equivalent number of keywords. Why don’t we use those way, because existing search engine can not support that way in efficient processing unless it is frequently found in previous search by others.

Now, you could use dozens, or even hundreds of keywords to locate the essential information through the algorithm created by us, even it is unusual and less frequent. And it is super fast as we are using machine learning technique.

Wide variety of extensibility in post-search

Our search engine is not only a search engine for you, it is an end-to-end service as each one of us has varying needs in handling information after find it. Extend what you could do with the searching results is highly customizable by using the post-search module and plugin.

Speed is critical to your productivity

We have integrated multiple design to help you in accelerating the searching and locating the right target. You could press a button to see your complete search history, or you could use our predictive search when are not sure what kind of data is in the data center. And it is always handy to launch and see around if you are fuzzy about what is contained in a information class node.
Most importantly, we are using AI algorithm to help you find the candidate which means even when there is lots of information in searching range, we could still present results in high speed.

No other app could do ...

You may have two big questions in your head: where is the data for my search and how to build it. That is why we build the other two products of BrainAtom to form the big three. Using autonomous learning, you could let machine learn any book in the world, once it has finished, you could trigger your search engine and find whatever you want in the book.

This is just a start, there are much more...

"We are helping people to flourish and grow in new dimension by join the AI, network, and decentralized software together. From now on, what you could do is limited by your imagination"