Your individual search engine helps you locate what you want from the information ocean

Prioritized searching results by relevance only

The outcome you see from the search engine should be highly customized by yourself, not by company or concerned third parties.

Search results should not only be sorted in the primary group, but all results even they are massive

Have you been bothered by the manual work you have do when use the traditional search engine? Reading each link by naked eye, line by line?

No limitation on your keywords from now on

You could use dozens, or even hundreds of keywords to locate the essential information through the algorithm created by other. And it is super fast as we are using machine learning technique.

Wide variety of extensibility in post-search

Our search engine is not only a search engine for you: since each one of us has varying  needs in handling information, what you want to do with the search results is highly customized by using plugins.

Speed is critical to your productivity

Do you really want to repeat last track when you searched something on internet last time? And read the information again? Actually, get yourself right to the destination is why you use the search engine, we remember that always.

Uniform experience

For years, we have get used to the way of using traditional search engine. Some of them are pretty handy while others are hampering us. We provide different level of interaction modes to ensure use have real-time response and your habit will be respectfully inherited as much as we could.

This is just a start, there are much more...

"We are helping people to flourish and grow in new dimension by join the AI, network, and decentralized software together. What you could do with your own searching engine is limited by your imagination"