The future of world depends on technology



At the beginning, the  technology evolution changed  slowly for thousands of years, now the curve is ramping up in exponential speed. The rules, principles, social connections, life goals have been surprisingly changed to new stage we can hardly predict based on historic experience. AI is one of dominant power and the power of it should be passed to people of integrity. What BrainAtom do is trying to energize individuals around the world to have the new power to keep the right direction of development of human being.

Way Forward

Generally speaking, the data collected from sensors around  body is universally processed by our central CPU in the peripheral area and the central brain. The  interesting thing is, some experiments have show evidence the collected data is analyzed through some general algorithm. AI research is being carried out in different application scenarios, like picture, video, face recognition, autonomous driving, etc. Among them all, we focus on natural language processing, which connects multiple domains of research,  and believe it is the bridge to help us find the essential key to the consciousness world .

What it should look like

Remember how neo learn kongfu and how trinidy learn flying a helicopter in matrix? Yes, that is an ideal way of information inheritance and sharing. that is also what the autonomous learning should become.

Having an AI with inflexible customization imposes a ceiling on the capability in the daily use. You deserve having the control in decision making on content and feedback in the use of AI assistant.